Top Ten Conditions by Cost

Sun Life is a stop loss insurance provider backing high claims for self insured plans. In the 2023 edition of its report of high cost claims

  • The top 10 conditions accounted for 71% of all stop loss claims
  • 20% of all employers had at least 1 $1 million claim between 2018 and 2021
  • A sharp increase in spending on mental health conditions, depression, sleep disorders, alcoholism

The top ten in 2023 and over the last four years are

10. Urinary/Renal, also 10th over the last four years

9. Respiratory, 6th over four years

8. Neurological, also 8th over four years

7. Gastrointestinal, 9th over four years

6. Sepsis, 7th over four years

5. Newborn/Infant Care, 5th over four years

4. Orthopedic/Musculoskeletal, 4th over four years

3. Leukemia/Lymphoma, 2nd over four years

2. Cardiovascular, 3rd or four years

1. Malignant Tumor, 1st over four years

It is striking how consistent the list is over the four year period. In 2021 Covid ranked 8th, in 2023 it is 11th.